Business Battle Cry – 3 Factors to Consider in Expanding Your Business’ Social Media Audience

Without question, social media has changed the way business is done. It is hard to find a flourishing business without at least a single dash of social media in their system. More often than not, a business that has disregarded the importance of social media is either about to close or is about to change their minds.

There is no denying that social media can either make or break any business. Lucky are those businesses that were established in the 21st century and lived to see five years in their business model without logging on to at least one of the most popular social media platforms out there. However, luckier are those companies that have learned to engage their clients to create a wider market for themselves with the help of this the ever-supportive online marketing tool.

At this point, it is a given that you have defined your marketing plans and strategies. Accordingly, you have determined which social media platform best fits your marketing track. Otherwise, you first need to find out which one best suits your business needs.

When that’s all set, you can now start to roll out and expand your audience reach. It can definitely help create a huge market for your business. As such, you need to increase your audience in any, if not all, of your chosen social media platforms.

Power Profile

First things first. You need to make sure that you have a strong profile for your business. A strong profile means that your branding is set, and your business foundation is evident. It is difficult for your prospective clients to follow (and trust later on) your company when you have not made your own profile credible enough.

Making a strong profile includes placing appropriate images in the social media platform, updated and related links to your main site, and reliable company information for your prospects’ benefit.

You need to make sure that the images you use (i.e. profile image, banners, thumbnails, posts and signatures) follow your company brand color. This may seem a no-brainer, however, a lot of SMEs disregard this because it seems trivial. In the long run, it does create a sense of professionalism to your clients. Also, together with the color palette, the overall theme of the marketing tools in your social media should be kept in tune with the rest of your company branding. Doing so creates a cohesive attack for your marketing strategy.

To make your account more reliable, it is a smart move to put links to your company website and other official social media accounts. This puts the exclamation point to your profile as it makes all of your online accounts more coherent. It gives a sense of organization and stability to you as a company.  It also gives a sense of excitement on your part as you are more willing to engage possible clients online and more interactive as you go about your business. This would make more people want to be a part of your online family.

Credible Content

When you have created a strong profile that can carry your company in every social media engagement, it’s time to make your prospects visit your page. This is one of the objectives of setting up a social media page for the company. There are various ways to make people click that link and give your page that thumbs up. However, it all boils down to your content.

You need to make sure that you as a company can serve all your clients, and future clients, by providing quality content. You need to become an authority figure in order for people to continue going to your page. What do you get out of it? The activities that you do on your social media page are all targeted towards creating audience, and thus, clients.

The audience that you have now gathered will soon become your prospective clients. If your marketing strategy is spot on, these prospective clients would then become paying clients. Finding these paying clients is the point of attracting people to your page in the first place. Whether you gathered your audience through setting up paid ads on Facebook, constantly engaging followers on Twitter or getting free subscribers on Youtube, your goal is to find your niche audience.

As for your content, which is the main reason why your audience sticks to your page, it should be useful enough to your future prospects for them to retain you as a liked page, continue to follow you, keep returning to your page for new content and ultimately go to your official site to check out all of your products and services.

Good content ranges from quality blog posts, reposts of relevant materials from related pages and useful visuals like infographics and videos. If you are an established company, it would be highly beneficial to create original content as much as possible. For those who are just starting, you can mix and match reposts since creating new content on a regular basis may be to laborious for you. However, you should still create new content occasionally in order to establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Enhanced Engagement

With prospective clients already within your reach, you need to make sure that you are engaged and in touch with them as much as possible. Try to comment and react appropriately to your posts. Of course, you should also respond to any queries or feedback provided by your followers.

One of the best ways to engage people through social medial is to keep your page relevant and current. This gives an impression that your company is still in business. There are companies who have forgotten to keep their social media account updated as they simply choose to disregard using this viable tool in their overall marketing plan. This leads to a social media page wasteland that gives your company a weak, cluttered, and unstable appearance. Whether it’s true or not, your audience will appear left out if your page is not updated regularly.

Also, a good way to keep your prospects wanting more from your page is by providing a freebie. This freebie serves as your key to unlocking the doors of your prospect clients’ doubts and fears about your company. The freebie makes your audience think, “Since this company has given  me something for free, I will try to keep in touch with them more.” This is definitely a good thing.

When you do decide to go for this type of engagement technique, you need to make sure that you can follow through with constant communications through more content, more offers and actual business engagement to ensure the audience evolves into paying clients.

Furthermore, you need not worry about what type of freebie you would have to give. It could be as simple as a one-page tips list or a short infographic, to a more elaborate item like an e-book or discount coupon for your business.

To wrap up your social media marketing strategy, you would want to integrate all of your accounts by linking them with one another. At this point in time, you can put social media links practically anywhere. You can put links of one social media platform on another, on your email signature and even on your official company website. This seemingly simple set-up is in fact a highly integral feature since this provides more convenience to your clients.

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