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3 Ways Videos Beat Out Radio Over Time

By Kenneth Roberts / August 14, 2017

People are now living in a time when everything is reinvented, with technology penetrating even the tiny crevasses of human living. From innovative devices to optimized systems, humans are given the gift of ease and comfort all thanks to these advancements in technology. For this reason, it is important that people acknowledge the benefits of […]


How Radio Technology Influences Advertising

By Kenneth Roberts / June 20, 2016

Marketing and advertising strategies have evolved since the sudden outburst of world-wide technological advancements. In a world where everyone has practically tied themselves to a gadget in every waking minute, marketing has become easier and more dynamic than ever. However, it is imperative to understand how these modern day marketing tools came into fruition. It […]


3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Over The Radio

By Kenneth Roberts / June 10, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Over The Radio In the world of business, advertisement plays a key role that can never be taken for granted. In the words of marketing experts, advertisement is equal to profit. That holds true in many levels, considering the fact that most of today’s biggest companies rely on their […]