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3 Ways Videos Beat Out Radio Over Time

By Kenneth Roberts / August 14, 2017

People are now living in a time when everything is reinvented, with technology penetrating even the tiny crevasses of human living. From innovative devices to optimized systems, humans are given the gift of ease and comfort all thanks to these advancements in technology. For this reason, it is important that people acknowledge the benefits of […]


How the Internet Took Over Marketing In Print and Radio

By Kenneth Roberts / June 12, 2017

Radio used to be the go-to marketing vehicle for business advertisements. Now, the internet has replaced the former as the cheapest but most effective marketing tool for almost every business. While it’s true that the internet has been a solid place for marketing, you can never deny what radio has done in terms of marketing. The […]


10 Unusually Effective Ways to Boost your Credit Score

By Kenneth Roberts / June 5, 2017

Having a good credit score is something that everyone aspires to because this score is one of the most significant factors in determining your eligibility to borrow money. Therefore, if this score falls below a certain point, lenders like banks and credit card companies will have to reevaluate the idea of lending you money or approving […]


4 Ways Smartphones Shape Technological Advancements

By Kenneth Roberts / April 26, 2017

Smartphones have greatly changed how people live their lives. These seemingly limitless devices are slowly turning into a must-have just to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of daily living. Here, we take a look at what lies ahead in the world of smartphones and teach you how these technologies can impact people. Virtual Reality […]


Air Purifiers: Why They were Made and How Useful They Are

By Kenneth Roberts / November 23, 2016

People spend 90% of their time indoors. Unfortunately, indoor air is not 100% clean. In fact, most of the lung-related problems are attributed to the uncleanliness of their indoor air. This is why indoor Air Purifiers are invented – to help people be secure that their indoor air is clean. Air purifiers are electronic devices […]


How Air Purifiers Developed Through History

By Kenneth Roberts / November 23, 2016

Like most inventions, air purifiers didn’t start out as a way for companies to make money. In its humble beginnings, air purifiers were made to fight air pollution which technological advancements around the world brought about. As it turns out, the machine’s history is very rich and very helpful for today’s better lung health. The […]


Air Up There – The Real Technology of Air Purifiers

By Kenneth Roberts / November 23, 2016

Air purifiers are appliances that aid in removing pollutants from air. They are highly helpful and effective devices for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. With the power to clean the air that you breathe at home, most people simply don’t have any understanding on how air purifiers really work. Though some think that […]


5 Points to Consider on Choosing an E-commerce Platform

By Kenneth Roberts / November 11, 2016

Technology has reached unfathomable heights in the last two decades, and with it, the competition between industries has grown exponentially as well. Advertising, for example, has grown from the depths of print ads and the classic radio spots to the automated messages that your Google search query generates. Lo and behold, the world now has […]


How Radio Technology Influences Advertising

By Kenneth Roberts / June 20, 2016

Marketing and advertising strategies have evolved since the sudden outburst of world-wide technological advancements. In a world where everyone has practically tied themselves to a gadget in every waking minute, marketing has become easier and more dynamic than ever. However, it is imperative to understand how these modern day marketing tools came into fruition. It […]


3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Over The Radio

By Kenneth Roberts / June 10, 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Advertise Over The Radio In the world of business, advertisement plays a key role that can never be taken for granted. In the words of marketing experts, advertisement is equal to profit. That holds true in many levels, considering the fact that most of today’s biggest companies rely on their […]


Why The Radio Still Matters

By Kenneth Roberts / June 8, 2016

Why The Radio Still Matters There is a 21st century notion that no one actually listens to the radio anymore.  Nowadays, people prefer online streaming, downloading “pirated” materials, accessing freeware that provides access to most indie songs, and all that jazz. According to this WordPress hosting test, cloud technology-based website hosting provides a powerful venue […]

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